Ruckus Promo 2Cal Hamilton - Acoustic and Banjo  | Kevin Johnson - Electric Guitar | Lee Galinaitis - Mandolin | Sean Loewen - Bass  | Rory Verbrugge - Lead Vocals, Harmonica and Banjo | Luke Hamilton - Drums and Percussion

Short Biography


Rollicking folk-rock from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Rory Verbrugge & The Ruckus play old-time music with a rock-and-roll spirit. Their debut album Dead Man's Dance is out now.


Armed with a rich, rootsy sound, the 'Ruckus invigorate traditional folk with rocking juke-joint blues, heartbreaking home-grown country and blistering bluegrass. Live, these prairie boys bring a mix of glitz and grit that's already seen them grace the stage everywhere from backyards and pubs, to local festivals and large outdoor concerts across Canada. Quickly establishing themselves as a must-see for every fan of real music and a good time.


" of Canada’s best up-and-coming folk outfits." - Canadian Beats Magazine

  • Top 10  CJUM 101.5 (all categories)
  • Top 10 CFBX 92.5 (folk/roots/blues)

The Making Of Dead Man's Dance


A name change, and hours of studio time dumped in favour of home-brewed recording sessions preceded what would be a revelatory album for Rory Verbrugge & The Ruckus. Essentially, Dead Man’s Dance is the product of a group finding out who they are.


“We went into the studio with the intention of tracking the songs in a very customary way, and quickly realized we wanted to do something more interesting.” Verbrugge looks back on the year they spent on the record, “Basically, the recording process became the creative process, and an hourly rate didn’t lend itself to that. Both in a practical and financial sense”


So the boys took to their jam spaces and basement studios to start again from the ground up, and the resulting record is every bit as characteristic as you’d expect. Rory Verbrugge & The Ruckus nail down their home-grown breed of folk-rock like no one else, because they did it themselves.